Published by CU Times

ALM First Group, a Dallas-based financial advisory service that focuses on credit unions, has extended its range to include executive recruitment and organizational consulting by acquiring DDJ Myers of Phoenix.

The purchase closed July 1 for an undisclosed amount. A news release from the companies said the leadership development firm is now called DDJ Myers: An ALM First Company. It said the two firms will continue to operate largely independently and retain their own headquarters locations.

Deedee Myers, founder and CEO of DDJ Myers will continue as CEO of the subsidiary. DDJ Myers has 12 employees and ALM First has 120. “Clients can expect the same high-end service from the team members they know and trust,” the news release said.

Myers, in an interview with CU Times, said she has known Emily Hollis, the co-founder and CEO of ALM First, for many years. “She’s a great role model,” Myers said. “I’m very excited to be working with her…”

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