For Immediate Release:  August 26, 2020
Contact: Sharon Simpson, (240) 620-4095 or [email protected]

Dallas, Texas – ALM First, a strategic partner for more than 300 financial institutions nationwide with more than $40 billion in total assets under management, recently introduced its Strategic Net Worth Analysis to assist institutions of all sizes in determining how much capital their depository really needs.

Capital is at the core of an institution’s ability to grow and succeed yet analyzing potential risks to arrive at the right amount of capital remains a common challenge. “A strategic net worth analysis may be valuable for depositories of all sizes, especially in the current environment,” says Kevin Kirksey, Principal of ALM First. “Our experienced team provides the insights and quantitative analysis needed to understand how various risks could impact your balance sheet and income statement, enabling your institution to determine the appropriate amount of capital required to survive severely adverse scenarios and prepare for long-term growth.” 

ALM First’s comprehensive Strategic Net Worth Analysis helps institutions develop a strategic growth road map, prior to being officially required to submit capital plans and perform capital stress tests, that includes capital adequacy and identifies potential risks. Whether the risk is increased defaults due to COVID-19, cybersecurity failures, or natural disasters, the potential financial impact can be clearly modeled to help your institution prepare.

The results will provide CECL guidance and may significantly reduce the opportunity costs associated with over-capitalization. In Your Best Interest: An ALM First Podcast, which was created to explore common depository challenges and provide an insider’s view of best practices, will discuss the importance of conducting a Strategic Net Worth Analysis during its September 7th episode. 

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