Department: SSMG (Strategic Solutions Modeling Group)
Title: Intern, SSMG
Reports To: Director/Associate, SSMG

This position is an entry level position.

Qualifications:  Junior or Senior year of undergraduate degree in finance or a related field. No prior experience is required; however, at least 1 year of analyst work experience is preferred.   

Responsibilities:  The intern role is to facilitate the data work portion of the advisory team needs. Additionally, interns work closely with a Financial Advisor in maintaining client relationships. Tasks include: 

  • Preparation of asset/liability management (ALM) reports
  • Loading detailed data from clients into the ALM model via electronic data files
  • Generating interest rate sensitivity analyses, including volatility in economic value of assets and liabilities and projected net interest income
  • Analyzing interest rate risk positions utilizing results from the ALM analysis for clients
  • Preparing written analyses of the ALM results
  • Discussing ALM results with the Financial Advisor and with clients via remote or in-person presentations
  • Preparing what-if analysis and providing written analysis  of the results
  • Facilitate training of new analysts
  • Contribute to the development of new products
  • Participate in SSG projects
    • Credit and valuation
    • Distressed cash flow analysis

The day to day duties of the position can be categorized as either 1) analysis or 2) client related:


  • Manage all data to and from clients
  • Model client balance sheets in ALM software
  • Produce ALM output
  • Prepare write-up analyzing ALM output
  • Run what-if analysis
  • Run monthly investment reports


  • Discuss ALM results with clients
  • Discuss what-if results with clients
  • Discuss research and market conditions with clients
  • Interact with client regarding data management