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Open Positions at ALM First

Financial Analyst

The Advisory Services department is seeking an individual capable of processing large, complex datasets and who can generate and explain detailed model results. The individual will be expected to validate results, ensuring their accuracy, and communicate the significance of reports both orally and in writing.

The analyst will perform a variety of financial analyses through industry-specific platforms and more widely utilized software such as Excel. Members of the Advisory Services department are expected to have strong analytic, technical, and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to maintain strong client relationships.

The applicant is expected to hold a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university and preferably also brings one or two years of work experience.

Please email your résumé and cover letter to [email protected]




The Advisory Services department holds an open position for Director. As an individual with experience in investment portfolio construction and balance sheet management, the Director will be responsible for managing many of the firm’s client relationships. This includes monitoring a client’s balance sheet performance, developing and implementing investment/business strategies to fit within the client’s goals and risk appetite, consulting the client on balance sheet strategies, and advising the client on appropriate allocation of capital using quantitative models.

In addition, as a representative of ALM First, the Director will analyze the client’s interest-rate risk position by utilizing results from the asset/liability management (ALM) analysis, and review and present ALM reports to client boards and ALCOs.

The Director is also expected to maintain and expand market knowledge in order to educate clients on changes in the economy, review client policies and ensure their congruency with industry best practices, and present and discuss quantitative analyses.

The Director will travel to clients annually to present results, as well as contribute to the development of new products, research pieces, articles, and webinars, and speak nationally at industry conferences.

The applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university and five years of experience in securities analysis or asset/liability management.

Please email your résumé and cover letter to [email protected]



ALM First Group, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.