Department: Advisory Services
Reports To: Managing Director, Advisory Services

Qualifications:  5 years of experience in securities analysis or asset/liability management. 

Responsibilities:  The director is responsible for managing the firm’s credit union client relationships.  As part of this relationship, the advisor is responsible for:

  • Review and present asset/liability management (ALM) reports to client board and ALCOs
  • Analyze the interest rate risk position of clients utilizing results from the ALM analysis
  • Discuss ALM results with clients via telephone or in presentations at the clients’ offices
  • Develop and implement investment/business strategies to fit within the client’s needs and goals
  • Select investments congruent with client IPS and future expectation of interest rates
  • Monitor clients’ investment portfolios
  • Discuss and educate clients on relevant economic statistics
  • Travel to each client annually to present results
  • Contribute to the development of new products
  • Produce research pieces, articles, and webinars to be used in ALM First marketing materials
  • Speak nationally at industry conferences

This position should serve as an expert in investment portfolio construction and balance sheet management.

The day to day duties of the position can be categorized as either 1) client related or 2) analyst

  • Client related
    • Discuss and educate clients on changes in the market/economy
    • Present and discuss what-if analysis to clients
    • Maintain/expand market knowledge
    • Discuss and educate clients on ALM an investment strategies
  • Analysis
    • Ensure clients receive stated services throughout the firm
    • Facilitate the on-going education of associates
    • Aid ISG and ALMSG in evaluating strategic ideas
    • Ensure clients are achieving desired performance goals


ALM First believes deeply in equality and strongly supports diversity and inclusion. Many of the clients we serve were founded to provide equal economic opportunities for their communities. By providing fair and affordable access to credit, our depository clients are helping individuals and families of modest means buy their first homes and open or maintain their small businesses. We will continue our commitment to financial inclusion for all Americans as we serve the clients providing critical financial resources to the communities that need them most. We are always looking at how we can improve our own policies and practices to encourage diversity through the use of an Employee Task Force.