Department: Strategic Solutions Modeling Group (SSMG)
Reports To: Director/Associate, SSMG

Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in finance or a related field. No prior experience is required; however, at least 1 year of analyst work experience is preferred.

Primary Responsibilities:

The Financial Analyst role is to facilitate the data work portion of the advisory team needs. Additionally, analyst work closely with a Financial Advisor in maintaining client relationships

  • Preparation of asset/liability management (ALM) reports
  • Loading detailed data from clients into the ALM model via electronic data files
  • Generating interest rate sensitivity analyses, including volatility in economic value of assets and liabilities and projected net interest income
  • Analyzing interest rate risk positions utilizing results from the ALM analysis for clients
  • Preparing written analyses of the ALM results
  • Discussing ALM results with the Financial Advisor and with clients via remote or in-person presentations
  • Preparing what-if analysis and providing written analysis of the results
  • Facilitate training of new analysts
  • Contribute to the development of new products
  • Participate in SSG projects
    • Credit and valuation
    • Distressed cash flow analysis

Training will be provided to all new employees. The day to day duties of the position can be categorized as either 1) analysis or 2) client related:

  • Analysis
    • Manage all data to and from clients
    • Model client balance sheets in ALM software
    • Produce ALM output
    • Prepare write-up analyzing ALM output
    • Run what-if analysis
    • Run monthly investment reports
  • Client
    • Discuss ALM results with clients
    • Discuss what-if results with clients
    • Discuss research and market conditions with clients
    • Interact with client regarding data management


ALM First believes deeply in equality and strongly supports diversity and inclusion. Many of the clients we serve were founded to provide equal economic opportunities for their communities. By providing fair and affordable access to credit, our depository clients are helping individuals and families of modest means buy their first homes and open or maintain their small businesses. We will continue our commitment to financial inclusion for all Americans as we serve the clients providing critical financial resources to the communities that need them most. We are always looking at how we can improve our own policies and practices to encourage diversity through the use of an Employee Task Force.