How to Tackle 2021’s Investment Challenges

Webinar Date: January 28, 2021

Additional stimulus payments, traditional seasonal liquidity trends, lower loan demand and the low-rate environment could challenge financial institutions even further to deploy excess cash effectively in 2021. Fixed income investment managers are facing tighter asset spreads, making “excess” returns potentially elusive in 2021 as prepayment models struggle to estimate mortgage prepayments and reinvestment needs from new money and portfolio principal reductions continue to be high.

We believe now is the time to ensure your depository has a disciplined investment approach that will help you manage risk and generate returns by putting those funds to work and potentially enhancing bottom-line performance. Join us to discuss how to establish guidelines and utilize time-tested best practices to ensure that your portfolio is ready.

Learning Objectives Include:

· Understanding an institutional portfolio management framework
· Defining investment philosophy and strategy
· Identifying the components of a thorough investment process
· Determining risk targeting within an ALM framework
· Evaluating bonds and being critical of commission-based broker proposals when selecting securities


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