Manage Risk and Scale Mortgage Banking with Mortgage Pipeline Hedging

Originating and selling mortgages opens your financial institution to certain risks – namely the price risk associated with market fluctuations. Hedging your mortgage pipeline can help reduce these risks and potentially earn income to help your bottom line. Join our webcast to learn more about the basics of mortgage pipeline hedging, the current regulatory environment and accounting for mortgage banking activity.


Learning Objectives:

  • Highlight the current regulatory environment for mortgages
  • Explore the concept of “hedging” mortgage exposure
  • Identify risks of selling mortgages, and how to hedge that risk
  • Understand the process of executing a successful hedging program
  • Define the accounting specifics involved in hedging and selling mortgage loans.
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Anthony Olson

Anthony Olson

Director, Mortgage Pipeline Hedging

Anthony Olson serves as Director of Mortgage Pipeline Hedging at ALM First, joining the firm in 2021. Anthony uses his in-depth knowledge of mortgage pipeline hedging best practices to assist lenders as they seek to optimize execution and maximize profitability as they sell to the GSEs.

Prior to serving on Fannie’s National Client Delivery Team and Capital Markets Pricing and Sales Desk, Olson was a research analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton. He holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University in Finance and Real Estate along with a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of Michigan.

Alec Hollis, CFA

Alec Hollis, CFA

Managing Director, ALM Strategy Group

Alec Hollis joined ALM First Financial Advisors in 2012.  As a Managing Director for the ALM Strategy Group, Alec is responsible for product management, including planning and execution of ALM First products and services, particularly related to asset/liability management, hedging and asset management strategy. He also assists in client service, in implementing client balance strategy and hedging programs.

Alec holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame, as well as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

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