2018 Mortgage Pipeline Hedging Series

Looking to optimize the profitability of your mortgage operation? This webinar series will cover commonly overlooked ways to increase your profits.

Managing the risks of your mortgage pipeline can often be the difference between good and great business results. Would saving an extra 35% to 70% on your pipeline hedging cost be helpful? If so, register now for our new Mortgage Pipeline Webinar Series.

This brief, quarterly webinar series, covered:

  • Secondary marketing
  • Data and onboarding
  • Common Issues
  • Conclusion

Download Webinar Files

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DateDownload SlidesDownload Recording
Q4 – October 2018PDF FileWMF File
Q3 – July 2018PDF FileWMF File
Q2 – April 2018PDF FileWMF File
Q1 – January 2018PDF FileWMF File

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