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What lies at the foundation of your credit union’s success? The answer to that question isn’t always easy to gauge. Our currency experts have identified six pillars that underpin optimal CU performance. Learn what these pillars are and how they can transform your credit union into a high-performing financial institution.
Improving performance is a common goal that all financial institutions share. Achieving optimal performance, even accurately measuring success, can be challenging. Therefore, it’s important to identify, understand and manage the foundational elements of what makes a financial institution successful.
ALM First has identified six pillarsof high-performing financial institutions: capital, pricing, funding, management, risk and profit. Viewed simply, these pillars can also be thought of as levers. Financial institutions regularly evaluate these levers to optimize profitability in the balance sheet, where decisions involve pushing down or pulling back combinations of various levers. High-performing institutions are persistently seeking opportunities for excess basis points by identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities.

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