What are Pre-Fund Portfolio Management Services?

Administering employee benefits is essential to attracting and retaining a great team. Credit unions possess a powerful tool to manage these costs: pre-funding employee benefits as established in NCUA regulations. With the pre-fund portfolio management service, you can gain access to investments which are otherwise impermissible and can offer substantial benefits in terms of flexibility and transparency. ALM First will help your institution establish an investment portfolio to offset future expenses tied to employee benefit plan obligations.

What does ALM First Provide?

Accurately pre-funding your employee benefits begins with a thorough assessment of your current annual expense liability. Moreover, successful portfolio management recognizes that the enviornment is ever-changing, requiring a constant process of planning, execution, and feedback. ALM First works with you to formulate a strategy appropriate to the institution’s objectives, policy, and guidelines.

The benefits of parterning with ALM First begin immediately:

  • Strategy development
  • Portfolio size justification
  • Enhanced understanding of risk and returns
  • Access to non-703 traditional assets
  • Expertise of our investment management group
  • Size and scope leverage of ALM First’s investments under management
  • Due diligence, risk tolerance, and strategy documentation
  • Investment policy statement and risk guidelines
  • Customized solutions based on risk tolerance


How does ALM First do it differently?

ALM First works with your institution by providing:

Unbiased Perspective
Our compensation is not related to any specific product or transaction. Our focus is on the overall balance sheet and strategic positioning.

Low-Fee Portfolio Management
ALM First’s goal is to produce low cost, low tracking-error returns relative to the applicable market indices.

Industry-leading Analytics
Our analyses and due diligence reports of the current benefits expenses offer keen insights and meet regulatory requirements.

Ensuring pre-fund investment accounts are properly managed and their risks are well-understood is a win-win for all parties involved and a step forward in your credit union’s business strategy.


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Pre-Fund Retirement Benefits FAQs

Are there minimum size requirements for the portfolio?

No. ALM First will work with your institution no matter the size of the portfolio. In addition, there are no statutory limits in the federal regulations, although a common understanding is that portfolios exceeding 25% of the depository’s net worth may be under enhanced scrutiny.

Can an institution hold multiple portfolios?

Yes. Working with ALM First does not require management of the entire portfolio. While a consolidated portfolio can provide management efficiencies, some institutions prefer different portfolios managed through different partnerships.