Elite Partnership

What is ALM First’s Elite Partnership?

ALM First’s Elite Partnership leverages our services in one powerful, comprehensive package. Through “in-sourcing” our finance and treasury personnel, expertise, systems and network, this service provides access to a full menu of consultative risk management and performance tools.

Foundations of the
Elite Partnership

Our all-inclusive Elite package includes all services included with our Standard and Premier Partnership, plus customized analytics and services catered to your institutional needs.

  • Custom analytics
  • Investment portfolio consultation, strategy development, and execution*
  • Investment research, accounting, and portfolio analytics
  • Mortgage Servicing Rights valuations
  • Balance sheet strategy consultation
  • Unlimited “What-if” scenarios
  • Asset liability management analyses
  • Compliance and policy reviews
  • In-house training and ongoing education

Benefits of the
Elite Partnership

  • All-inclusive package of services
  • Custom financial analytics
  • Comprehensive investment portfolio management strategy development and execution*
  • Complimentary registrations to ALM First’s annual conferences

The ALM First Advantage

  • ALM First Financial Advisors’ core portfolio strategies
  • Fee-based compensation, not commission-based**
  • Trusted industry expertise
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How can I convince my Board of the value of this Partnership?

ALM First does not market itself as a low-cost provider. Rather, we pride ourselves as your partner best suited to advance the long-term performance of your institution. Our core investment portfolio consistently outperforms portfolios of institutions before they join, multiples the amount of our annual fee. ALM First can run this comparison report for you, showing that partnering with ALM First can increase your net income. Moreover, the plethora of additional offerings – extra reports, internal audits, special planning, etc. come as part of the Elite Partnership.
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Do you provide references of current Elite Partners?

Yes. ALM First is happy to provide contact information from current Elite Partners who can attest to the value they receive from this partnership. Reach out to the ALM First team for more information.
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What are ALM First’s conferences?

Elite Partners receive two complimentary admissions to ALM First’s annual Financial Institute and Financial Forum. The Financial Institute takes place in Dallas, TX in the spring, and it is designed to give financial professionals an opportunity to obtain pertinent information and tools that will directly benefit current goals and strategies for the future. The Institute hosts four separate tracks, so that individuals of all levels can gain value from their attendance.

The Financial Forum, located in the fall, is a premier event for financial executives and board members to discover insights, formulate strategies, and gain new perspectives about the future. With a variety of speakers and industry experts, as well as numerous networking opportunities, the Forum provides two tracks designed for executive and board member audiences.

Visit our Education and Events section, or contact our team for more information.

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What training will we receive?

With this partnership, ALM First will conduct on-site training and various other trainings, including Board meetings, throughout the year by request. ALM First also hosts various educational opportunities including monthly webinars and two annual conferences.

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How quickly can we get started?

Once ALM First receives the necessary data, the initial set-up analyses usually require six weeks. Thereafter, on-going reports typically take no more than 15 business days. In all cases, we will try to best work with your schedule.

Get Started Now

Find out how our Elite Partnership can work for you.

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“ALM First” is a brand name for a financial services business conducted by ALM First Group, LLC (“ALM First”) through its wholly owned subsidiaries: ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Financial Advisors”); ALM First Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Advisors”); ALM First Analytics, LLC (“ALM First Analytics”); and ALM First Executive Benefits LLC. Investment advisory services are offered through ALM First Financial Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser with a fiduciary duty that requires it to act in the best interests of clients and to place the interests of clients before its own; however, registration as an investment advisor does not imply any level of skill or training. Moreover, ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Financial Advisors”), an affiliate of ALM First Group, LLC (“ALM First”), is a separate entity and all investment decisions are made independently by the asset managers at ALM First Financial Advisors. Access to ALM First Financial Advisors is only available to clients pursuant to an Investment Advisory Agreement and acceptance of ALM First Financial Advisors’ Brochure. You are encouraged to read these documents carefully. Balance sheet advisory services are offered through ALM First Advisors. Financial reporting services, loan introduction services, and other special project services are offered through ALM First Analytics. Neither ALM First nor any of its subsidiaries provide legal, tax, or accounting advice.


**Loan introduction services provided by ALM First Analytics are provided for a negotiated fee, which is generally equal to a percentage fo the value of the acquired loan.