Standard Partnership

What is ALM First’s Standard Partnership?

ALM First’s Standard Partnership works alongside your institution to provide reliable, sound advice and consulting services utilizing proven strategies and robust balance sheet analyses. Quantitative results coupled with qualitative assessments are the foundation in determining efficient ways to enhance profitability and manage risk.

Foundations of the
Standard Partnership

This level of service provides the fundamental ALM reporting, plus institution-focused consultation, additional analyses, and points of access.

  • Balance sheet strategy consultation
  • Investment research
  • ALM First On-Demand
  • “What-if” scenarios
  • Asset liability management analyses
  • Compliance and policy reviews

    Benefits of the
    Standard Partnership

    • Strategic partner: We focus on being your partner – not just your provider
    • Flexibility: Reports are created and delivered based on your needs
    • Strengthen your balance sheet: Our team of industry experts works with you to determine opportunities appropriate for your institution

    Why Choose ALM First?

    • ALM First has held a trusted, industry-recognized name for more than two decades. Our expertise extends across all facets of asset liability management, and with hundreds of clients across the country, ALM First understands the strengths – and challenges – of establishing and managing a successful balance sheet.
    • As industry experts, we serve as an extension of your team
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    How can I determine the best partnership for my institution?

    ALM First provides all levels of partnership, from our Elite Partnership to the foundational Standard Partnership, as we recognize that not all institutions have the same needs. The opportunities each of these partnerships provide are directed towards the requirements of each institution. Review the website overviews or give us a call – we would appreciate the chance to talk through these options with you.

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    What is ALM First On-Demand?

    Standard Partnership clients receive access to our special client portal: ALM First On-Demand. This site is updated with your specific data allowing you to log in whenever, wherever to run tests on your balance sheet, from changing balance sheet allocations, to adjusting market rates, to testing non-maturity deposit assumptions.

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    What is a “what-if” report?

    A standard asset/liability management report utilizes the institution’s current data and applies current market information to model the most accurate risk report possible. However, the institution also wants to project the impact of future movements (in the market, balance sheet, loan/depositor behavior, etc.) or of alternative assumptions on its risk profile. A what-if scenario analysis allows the model to apply different characteristics and then compare the resulting risk profile to the standard run. ALM First will work with the institution in determining the most appropriate model changes based on the structure of the balance sheet, the projections of market changes, or the requirements from an institutional audit.

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    What is an Exam Preparation packet?

    Typically, examiners will personally visit your financial institution once a year. To ensure your balance sheet is prepared for large market shifts, the regulators often require special runs. Our experience with these audits allows us to prepare for visitations ahead of time – compiling a set of special reports that all relate back to an initial asset-liability report. With these reports run, our clients can confidently hand the auditors this packet, making the audit a smoother process.

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    How quickly can we get started?

    Once ALM First receives the necessary data, the initial set-up analyses usually require six weeks. Thereafter, on-going reports typically take no more than 15 business days. In all cases, we will try to best work with your schedule.

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    What data are required for these analyses, and what are the final reports?

    There are a myriad of required data files needed for a successful report. ALM First would appreciate the chance to talk through the requirements and the advantages for a successful ALM report. Contact us today.

    All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

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