Hedging Series: Core Balance Sheet Hedging

Balance sheet hedging techniques can be very effective in balancing the ALM position and a very important part of the ALM process. Implementing core balance sheet hedging strategy can help reduce balance sheet risk, thus achieving superior risk-adjusted financial performance.

ALM: Sensitivity and Risk Management

ALM: Sensitivity and Risk Management Webinar Date: December 8, 2016 Navigating a complex financial landscape can be a formidable task, especially with uncertainty over a changing global economic market. Through layers of sensitivity testing, you can isolate the...

Non-Maturity Deposits

Non-Maturity Deposits Webinar Date: October 13, 2016 Given how the last decade’s interest rate environment has disguised potential rate exposure lurking on the horizon, it is critical that financial institutions maintain a strong and effective ALM framework and IRR...

ALM Best Practices Webinar

We are proud to announce these informational webinars that offer our clients valuable education and actionable insight. Topics covered include:Asset-liability management (ALM), ALM modeling and assumptions, What-if analysis, Industry and market trends, Peer comparison and profitability analysis, Other special topics

Liquidity Forecasting & Stress Testing

Liquidity continues to be a hot topic in both the financial news, and among regulators and the financial institutions they examine.  In order to ensure that adequate liquidity sources are available in the event of the unexpected, banks and credit unions alike should employ tools and resources that provide for comprehensive liquidity forecasts and ongoing stress tests in order to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the institution’s liquidity policy.