Portfolio Level Returns

Proper assessment of portfolio performance is a critical component of our investment and risk management frameworks. This webinar will differentiate common measures of performance in the depository space, including a discussion of why yield can be a poor measure of both risk and return.

Assessing Portfolio Risk

Risks are the building blocks for portfolio-level returns, so a better understanding of the various risk factors affecting fixed-income valuations helps us as portfolio managers produce greater risk-adjusted portfolio returns.

Investment Process Overview

Managing a fixed-income portfolio is more than just picking a bond. Professional portfolio managers must rely on a thorough investment process that lays the foundation for generating superior risk-adjusted returns over a long time horizon. This webinar will discuss the key components of a thoughtful investment process and decision making framework.

Assessing Liquidity Forecasting

Assessing Liquidity Forecasting Webinar Date: September 8, 2016 Liquidity continues to be an important topic in both the financial news as well as with regulators. As strong loan growth continues to be funded with liquid deposits, understanding liquidity forecast has...

ALM Best Practices Webinar

We are proud to announce these informational webinars that offer our clients valuable education and actionable insight. Topics covered include:Asset-liability management (ALM), ALM modeling and assumptions, What-if analysis, Industry and market trends, Peer comparison and profitability analysis, Other special topics