For Immediate Release:  April 14, 2020
Contact: Sharon Simpson, (240) 620-4095 or [email protected]

Washington, D.C. – The Board of Trustees for Trust for Credit Unions (TCU), the largest mutual fund family created for and by credit unions, renewed the contract for investment advisory services during its recent quarterly meeting. As part of its ongoing governance role, the Board of Trustees reviews and evaluates each provider regularly to ensure that its credit union investors are receiving the best services available.

ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC (ALM First) will continue to serve as TCU’s investment advisor. This is the firm’s second contract renewal since 2017, when shareholders approved ALM First as TCU’s new investment advisor. ALM First has a long history of partnering with credit unions and is committed to serving the industry. With approximately $28 billion of assets under management and over 300 financial institution clients nationwide, ALM First is a leading, trusted strategic partner for financial advisory services.

“The ALM First team has been serving credit unions for 25-years and is well-known as an industry leader. As the funds’ investment advisor, they provide ongoing market insight and utilize their deep knowledge of capital markets, financial research and the unique business needs of credit unions,” says Jim Regan, President/CEO of Digital Federal Credit Union and Chair of the TCU Board of Trustees. “This knowledge, along with their overall structure as an SEC-registered financial advisor, enables them to act as a strategic partner to credit unions and continues to prove beneficial to the TCU funds.”

“We’re very pleased to continue serving as the investment advisor for Trust for Credit Unions,” said Emily Hollis, CFA, ALM First’s Chief Executive Officer. “Unlike investment advisors who serve a more general audience, the ALM First team has a much deeper knowledge and understanding of the credit union industry and the specific types of investments permitted under Rule 703. This allows us to truly focus on the best interests of TCU’s credit union investors.”

TCU helps credit unions succeed by providing a professionally managed family of mutual funds — exclusive to credit unions — as well as the information and analysis they need to support investment decisions. Created by some of the leading credit unions with oversight by a board of trustees, TCU’s mutual fund options keep credit unions always invested, are professionally managed, and are based on the cooperative values of credit unions.

In addition to the mutual fund products TCU offers, credit union professionals can also take advantage of a wide range of educational investment information and resources, including daily and monthly market commentaries. For more information, visit or contact TCU at 800-237-5678.

About Trust for Credit Unions

The Trust for Credit Unions (TCU) is a family of institutional mutual funds offered exclusively to credit unions. Callahan Financial Servicesis a wholly owned subsidiary of Callahan & Associates and is the distributor of the TCU mutual funds. ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC is the investment adviser of the TCU mutual funds. To obtain a prospectus that contains detailed fund information including investment policies, risk considerations, charges and expenses, call Callahan Financial Services, Inc. at 800-CFS-5678. Please read the prospectus carefully.

About ALM First

ALM First is a strategic partner for depositories, offering an array of financial advisory services. Since 1995, our expertise in asset/liability management, fixed income portfolio management and hedging, has allowed us to deliver deeper insights into financial institutions’ balance sheets, strengthening their financial performance and building efficiencies. With more than $28 billion of investments under management, ALM First Financial Advisors is an SEC-registered investment advisor, acting as an unbiased third party, offering commission-free, fee-based services to over 300 financial institutions across the country.

For more information, call (800) 752-4628, or visit


“ALM First” is a brand name for a financial services business conducted by ALM First Group, LLC (“ALM First”) through its wholly owned subsidiaries: ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Financial Advisors”); ALM First Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Advisors”); and ALM First Analytics, LLC (“ALM First Analytics”). Investment advisory services are offered through ALM First Financial Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser. Access to ALM First Financial Advisors is only available to clients pursuant to an Investment Advisory Agreement and acceptance of ALM First Financial Advisors’ Brochure.

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