ALM First Financial Advisors Becomes a premier solution provider for Western Independent Bankers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 23, 2017) — Western Independent Bankers (WIB), a trade association of community banks in 13 Western states, announced today that ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC, (ALM First) has become a Premier Solution Provider. WIB is the only trade association that exclusively represents community banks throughout the West.

As a Premier Solution Provider (PSP), ALM First is an unbiased, SEC-registered investment advisor. The firm provides commission-free, fee-based services to more than 250 financial institutions nationwide. With approximately $20 billion in investments under management, ALM First’s expertise in asset/liability management and investment portfolio management allows it to offer deeper insights into banks’ individual balance sheets and use that knowledge to strengthen their performance.

“We’re excited to partner with WIB to bring ALM First’s expertise to community bankers in the West, helping them manage balance-sheet risk, optimize their investment portfolios and develop strategies to maximize returns,” said Emily Hollis, CEO, CFA. “Whether it’s identifying financial risks, evaluating ALM processes, or advising on hedging and other activities, our number-one goal is to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.”

Michael R. Delucchi, President/CEO of WIB, says the Association looks forward to the extensive knowledge and capabilities ALM First’s staff offers member banks. “With financial markets continually in flux, global economic challenges, and more complex regulations, all financial institutions have a lot on their plates,” Delucchi said. “It’s gratifying that ALM First Financial Advisors will be available to offer our banks independent investment and balance-sheet advisory services, as well as services like loan profitability analysis, ALM validation, and compliance assistance. Today’s financial world is complicated, and having an experienced registered investment adviser as a partner can make a real difference to banks’ success.”

About Western Independent Bankers

For eighty years Western Independent Bankers (WIB) has been the premier networking and educational organization for community banks in the West. WIB informs, educates, and connects community banks with the resources and services to achieve the highest standards of personal and organizational performance. WIB Service Corporation was established in 1994 by the WIB Board of Directors as a wholly owned subsidiary of WIB. WIB Service Corporation conducts a strenuous selection process before putting the stamp of approval on an elite group of products and services that meet the highest industry standards and help WIB member banks to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and compete more effectively. For more information, visit www.wib.org.

About ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC

ALM First Financial Advisors is a leading, trusted strategic partner for financial advisory services. With approximately $20 billion of investments under management, ALM First is an SEC-registered investment advisor. The firm provides commission-free, fee-based services to more than 250 financial institutions across the country. Since 1995, financial institutions have relied on our industry expertise in formulating strategies to manage risk and enhance return to help them manage their balance sheets and investment portfolios. For more information, call (800) 752-4628, or visit www.almfirst.com


Betty House
Senior Vice President Strategic Alliances/CTO
[email protected]